Siser EasyWeed Compared to "the others...." Everything You Need to Know!

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Are you a beginner in the crafting vinyl world, or just plain wondering "what's the difference?" Look no further. In this blog, we will explain why Siser Heat Transfer Products are superior to others- and why you can always trust and count on Siser to help you create a beautiful and durable finished product! 

Other vinyl companies might be trying to push another product because "it's cheap!" but don't forget, "you get what you pay for." Here at Speedy Vinyl, we've tested several different heat transfer products and have found Siser consistently be the easiest to weed, definitely the easiest to press (even if you don't have a heat press!), and the most durable! Not to mention, our low prices and great sales on Siser make it extremely affordable, and worth every penny! There's a reason Siser is the biggest name in Heat Transfer Products... because YOU, the everyday crafter trusts in these amazing products for your personal and "business customs" use! 

Although there are so MANY reasons to trust Siser over the "rest," our #1 reason is that the overall "ease of use" exceeds competitors brands! From the beginning to end, Siser products are quick and easy! Weeding is dream! Find Authorized Quality Siser products here! 

  1. Even the most delicate and detailed pieces weed with ease! DO NOT spend all of your time fighting a competitors brand to weed, only finding yourself RE-CUTTING because it ripped, came off the backing, or just plan didn't cut well! EasyWeed weeds super easy, saving you time and money!
  2. Easy to apply! With Siser products, you can easily apply with a quality household iron, or a heat press. (P.S. your customer will NEVER know you used your iron vs. a heat press, when using Siser!) If you have a heat press, amazing, but if you do not, don't worry! Siser provides information on heat setting and time recommendations that will help you easily apply your designs(find these settings on our website!) Other brands make is nearly impossible to use a household iron, because the pressure needed to make sure the htv adheres to the material is somewhere between sitting on your iron, and impossible! (You can't make this stuff up folks, search the forums, tons of people are physically sitting on their household irons, trying to apply the right amount of pressure for their htv to "stick!") 
  3. 1 and DONE! Siser products have a 1 step application process! That means once you press and peel, you're done! You don't need to re-press or do anything else to make sure your HTV is set! 
  4. LAYERS!!!!! Do you layer? Of course you do! And with EasyWeed, the ENTIRE line, including the fluorescent colors can be layered! You don't have to "re-work" your designs because of competitors finicky material. Competitors brands might "layer" some colors, and not others! Not EasyWeed, if you have it, you can layer it! Do remember, you can layer Siser Glitter "ON TOP" or EasyWeed but you cannot layer on top of Glitter! 
  5. WASH IT! Creating a custom shirt for a customer is more than the design and delivery. You want to make use it holds up. You can trust Siser products to hold up wash after wash! Example, Co-Owner of Speedy Vinyl Austin C. made a "fishing t-shirt" mid 2016. He used EasyWeed, a gray Gildan t-shirt, and pressed with a heat press. Austin wears this shirt, literally once a week- mid 2017, his fishing t-shirt is still going strong! Thank you Siser!  

To sum it up...... Siser is the Best. They stand behind their products, and so do we! (If they weren't the best, other companies wouldn't move mountains to get their hands on it!)  Here at Speedy Vinyl, we are proud to be a Re-Seller of Siser products because we know how important it is to the end user to be able to trust that their material will create a finished product they can be proud of! If you haven't tried Siser Heat Transfer Products yet, we urge you try them today! You're going to fall in love! Find Authorized Quality Siser products here! 



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